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Dyes of Our Lives




Who doesn't love a good soap opera every now and then? While in England last summer, I found myself hopelessly hooked on those wonderful British soaps! Returned to the U.S. and it was bland blah soaps where everyone is perfect, straight, and hopelessly entrenched in horrid drama, I found myself in the worst kind of withdrawal.

But wait! There is now a place for people like me to get their soap fix on the 'net. Welcome to the Dyes of Our Lives site created by Katie Vieceli. It has it all, everything you could ever want. Beautiful faces pulled from  boxes of hair dye to live in a world of high fashion and volatile emotions. 

Currently, everyone's favorite fashion designer is heartbroken by the secrets of his lover, and everyone's favorite couple make be on the rocks! What will happen when a young heart is broken and a secret emerges shocking a community? When a young woman dies exposing a sinister underworld?

Heee. I'm not going to tell you. Do yourself a favor, and go to the Dyes of our Lives. You can thank me later. 

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