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Fetish of the Week

I find that I tend to be rather fickle in my likes and dislikes. What's hot and fresh for me one week is positively last season the next, much to the amusement of those who know me well (yeah, you all know who you are without my having to point fingers). Anyway, without further fanfare and ado, this week's soon to be passing folly:


Duuuuude I love these right now. I mean, I seriously love them, more than I loved any of my past three boyfriends (sorry boys). I'm currently hooked on Levi's 502 which have that indecent 3 inch low rise, and the 577 for the slightly less brave. What can I say? They make everyone look hot, well unless you have an enormous ass. Just one word of caution to those of you with one foot already out the door, dashing off to get you a pair- you, uh, may not wanna play pool in those jeans. I saw it happen to a close personal friend. Sometimes low can be a little tooo low. Don't be a plumber, people.


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thank you Levi's for making those jeans and having a  pic of them too.